About Us

Founded in 1979, ProsperTech Systems has a long history of providing creative solutions to many industries and organizations.

Some of the projects we have completed include:

  • Extensive Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns
  • Affiliate Marketing Campaigns (both as Provider and Marketer)
  • Mortgage Web Site for Customers and Loan Officers
  • Mortgage Company Quick-Profit-Tool Development
  • State of Texas Wide Area Network
  • Federal <--> State Sensitive Data Transfer (CONNECT:Direct)
  • Dialup Services, RADIUS, VPN Access
  • Boeing 777 Bridge-Router (BROUTER) and RS-488 Seataback Integration
  • International Space Station Fiber Optics / Realtime OS
  • Resume Database and Recruting Tools
  • Large Corporation Web-Based Recruiting and Pre-Qualification
  • 3D Modeling to Hold-in-your-hand Parts via Laser Sintering
  • High-Capacity Laser Printer Real-time Operating System
  • Military Aircraft Low Altitude InfraRed Navigation (LANTIRN)
  • Manufacturing PLC End-User Thumbwheel/LED Replacement Device + Network
  • Oil Exploration Downhole Tool Operating System and Drivers
  • Emulator and Compiler Development
  • Turn-key systems hardward and software development and integration for specific business needs (many industries)
  • 3rd Highest Sales of Computers in US in "the early days" using special marketing techniques
  • Numerous Software Projects marketed to general public including Accounting, Teleconference creation, Packaging, Delivery, Support and many others
  • And dozens of startups with ideas who did not know what to do next, including such diverse things as Frozen Energy Drinks, Prospect Identification and Gathering, to billion dollar mortgage companies.

Except for the goverment projects, most of these were small companies who had great ideas...but were "stuck" or needed a boost of energy, commitment...and completion! And that's what we do!

Let us help you! Contact us today!

ProsperTech Systems
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Austin, TX 78759
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